Free Creative Color Video #5 – Freestyle Mandala

Hi everyone and welcome to our last video in the Color Therapy month series. Today, we are going to choose just one color to work with and create what is called a freestyle mandala (well that is what I call it!) If you are new to mandalas, you can read a little about... read more

Free Creative Color Video #4 – Intuitive paint

Hi everyone and welcome the week 4. This week we are continuing on from the loosening up video from last week and diving in with paint. using the same techniques and loose approach. Choose a color palette from the choices below and have a go at creating an intuitive... read more

Free Creative Color Video #3 – Loosening up

Hi everyone and welcome to week 3. This week, I am sharing 2 videos on loosening up. We simply ‘play’ with some crayons to loosen ourselves up with color and then with water soluble materials focusing on cold colors and then warm colors.  The idea is not... read more

Free Creative Color Video #2 – color love page

Welcome to our free video #2 – this week, you can see me create a color love page. I have chosen orange and used paint, collage, rubber stamps and all sorts of orangy bits to add to my color love page. This color love page and process was also published in Tracy... read more

Free Mandala Coloring pages – Coloring introduction

Hello and welcome to the first video in the free mandala coloring pages series. Today, we are getting started with a short video on coloring where I show you just a few different techniques so you can get started with coloring your mandalas. (pop back later today for... read more

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year! Greenery

Every year in December, Pantone announces the color of the year! Many of us color enthusiasts wait in anticipation to see what the choice is and I have to say I was a little surprised to see this one as green was also the color of the year choice in 2013 What is the... read more

Published! Indigo Color Stories in MOYO Magazine

I am so pleased to see another of my “colour stories” articles featured in the beautiful MOYO Magazine. This issue is all about mystical Indigo. You can find the article {on pages 68, 69, 70 & 71 HERE} Enjoy. MOYO Magazine is free to download! Download your copy... read more

What do the colors you wear say?

What color or colors did you choose to wear today? This week take note of how you feel in the colors you choose to wear to work, in the house or out for dinner. Do you notice a difference in your mood, confidence or outlook? Here are some thoughts to get your... read more

Purple foods: The benefits

Food glorious food! Here is part 5 of the series on eating a rainbow diet where we explore each color in the food we eat and the benefits of each. The blue/purple hues in foods are due primarily to their anthocyanin content. The darker the blue hue, the higher the... read more
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