colorstory_Lavender_forwebInspiration: The gorgeous lavender parcel I have in a drawer

Color: Violet hue of Lavender

Story: When I think of lavender I think of two experiences. 1) a fabulous day spent at a lavender farm just outside of Melbourne, Australia. It rained all day long and I can still remember the scent in the air from this restful place. I often think of that day where my friend and I wandered around, breathing the scent in under our umbrella’s. 2) Spending a labor day weekend away with friends near Woodstock, NY in a country house down “Lavender Lane”.

Lavender is also the essential oil for the Solar plexus chakra, soothing aches, pains, digestion and helping headaches, migraines and promoting good sleep, stress relief and tension. I have to say it’s my favorite remedy and the regal spiritual color alone lifts my spirits higher. How about you?

What are you reminded of when you smell lavender?

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