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Hi everyone and welcome to week 3. This week, I am sharing 2 videos on loosening up.

We simply ‘play’ with some crayons to loosen ourselves up with color and then with water soluble materials focusing on cold colors and then warm colors.  The idea is not to have a final piece of artwork (although of course, it is a piece of art in itself) but to enjoy the loosening up and to just let your mind wander around the page with your colors.

Today, I invite you to explore, play and use your intuition to select any colors that are particularly calling you right now and give yourself permission to just play.

Being playful brings light and joy. It also brings a new perspective on life so we don’t take things as seriously. Being playful is also a great way to live more presently in the moment. Playing while you create simply creates more space for positive creative energy to flow.

Materials I use in this demo:

  • Thick paper/watercolour/acrylic paper
  • Pentel oil pastels
  • Caran D’ache watersoluble wax pastels
  • Water/paintbrush

Some prompts to get you started.

  • Using any materials that call to you and have fun creating your own loose marks.
  • Try different shapes and colors
  • Notice what shapes you see emerging.
  • Try drawing with your non-dominant hand
  • Hold two crayons or pencils and draw with them together. Try making marks to fill a page with lines and marks. How does your energy translate to the page?
  • Notice if any symbols keep appearing.
  • Which parts of “you” immediately come out to play? Which aspects can you feel holding you back?
  • Is anything beginning to be said in your head? (This is SILLY, why am I doing this… I am not enjoying this… this doesn’t feel very productive… ). Put these to one side and give yourself the permission to just play.

Video #1 – Play with color


Video #2 – Separate out cool and warm colors and add water.

I would love to see what you create! So please do post your image directly to our Facebook group HERE. Feel free to blog about your work and share this blog post with your friends.

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