olafer-eliasson kaleidoscope

I loved the kaleidoscope as a child and when I saw these images, it brought those playful colorful moments back into my consciousness.


Olafur Eliasson works on color and light and exhibits around the world.  His studio has been in existence since 1995 in Berlin, Germany.  He manipulates light through prisms and reflective surfaces is combined with amazing geometric structures creating visual effects.  It looks so captivating and would love to see one of these exhibits in person. The exhibits themselves are said to create a unique experience depending on the perception of each individual at any given moment or position.

olafer-eliasson kaleidoscope

He recently exhibited at the Tate, with color experiments from Turner. Here is the interview.

One exhibit that ran in 2008 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York can still be viewed online by clicking the museum link.


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