is blue your color? throat chakra

How do you feel when you see or wear blue? Does it make you think of blue skies and far away oceans?

Think about what blue means to you. Do you have blue in your wardrobe or in your house?

Is Blue Your Color?

Color Psychology: If blue is your favorite color, here are some traits that you may recognize:

  • You are conservative, reliable and trustworthy
  • You always think before you speak and act and do everything at your own pace in your own time.
  • You have a deep need for peace and harmony in your everyday life
  • You need to have direction & order in your environment.

Positive (chakras are in balance) : Loyalty, trust and integrity, tactful, reliability and responsibility, caring and concern, idealistic and orderly, contemplation, peaceful and calm.

Negative: (chakras are out of balance) Rigid, spiteful, depressed and sad, too passive, self-righteous, superstitious and emotionally unstable, predictable and weak

Chakra Energy: Blue is the color of the Throat chakra, associated to the element ‘sound’. “I say” is the vibration of this chakra. You can read a little more about chakras here and we dive more deeply into color and its association with our chakra system in my online class “Chakra Color Art Journal

Color Therapy: Blue slows down our pulse rate, reducing blood pressure and stems the flow of blood. On an emotional level, the color blue helps us express our feeling vocally.

Wear Blue: Wear light blue to encourage peaceful and healthy self expression and to be open to receiving communication from others.

Decorate with Blue: Blue rooms and lighting create a calm, relaxing, expanding space. Many waiting rooms decorate with blue as it reduces anxiety.

Read more about the color Blue.

How do you feel about Blue? Is Blue Your Color?


Some Blue/Throat Chakra pages from my Art Journal


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