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How do you feel when you see or wear green? Does it relax you? What does green remind you of?

Think about what green means to you. Do you have green in your wardrobe or in your house? What green food do you include in your diet?

Is Green Your Color?

Color Psychology: If green is your favorite color, here are some traits that you may recognize:

  • You have a love for nature, are practical and down to earth.
  • You are well balanced or working towards balance in your life – you can at times become unsettled and anxious (if you are striving for balance still).
  • You are caring and nurturing to others, generous and compassionate.
  • You have a great need to love and to be loved and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve


Positive (when your heart chakra is balanced): Calm and emotionally balanced, renewal and restoration, nature lover and family oriented, practical and down to earth, sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing.

Negative (when your heart chakra is out of balance): Possessive and materialistic, envious, selfish, greedy and miserly, inconsiderate, a hypochondriac.

Chakra Energy: Green is the color of the Heart chakra, associated to the element ‘air’.  “I love” is the vibration of this chakra. You can read a little more about chakras here and we dive more deeply into color and its association with our chakra system in my online class “Chakra Color Art Journal

Color Therapy: Green resonates with our endocrine system, metabolic functions, circulations and digestion. This color helps us keep our bodies balanced, particularly blood pressure. Green relaxes and cleanses our digestive tract.

Wear Green: Signifying growth, this is a great color to wear when taking classes or learning something new. It can also be a stimulating color, so avoid it if you are restless.

Decorate with Green: Green is the color to use when you want to feel calm and balanced in your space. It reminds us of nature, so if you do not get to enjoy the outdoors much, bring it inside with accents of green and plant life. Be careful to use clear or soft greens only. Muddy, dirty, olive greens have a negative effect indicating decay and lack of imagination.

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How do you feel about Green? Is Green Your Color?


Some Green/Heart Chakra pages from my Art Journal


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