How do you feel when you see or wear indigo? What does it make you think of?

Think about what indigo means to you. Do you have indigo in your wardrobe or in your house?

Is Indigo Your Color?

Color Psychology: If indigo is your favorite color, here are some traits that you may recognize:

  • You are honest, compassionate and understanding. Integrity is extremely important to you.
  • You love rituals and traditions.
  • You are hungry for the meaning of life.
  • You are intuitive and perceptive, relying on intuition rather than gut feeling – you can see beyond the normal senses, operating outside the usual senses.

Positive (when your chakra is balanced): Integrity and sincerity, highly responsible, idealism, highly intuitive, visionary, faithful, devotion to the truth.

Negative (when your chakra is out of balance): Impractical, intolerant, depressed, fearful, a conformist, addictive and avoiding conflict.

Chakra Energy: Indigo is the color of the Third Eye Chakra, associated to the element ‘light’. “I see” is the vibration of this chakra. You can read a little more about chakras here and we dive more deeply into color and its association with our chakra system in my online class “Chakra Color Art Journal

Color Therapy: Indigo resonates with our nose, eyes, ears and lower brain. It is the color of divine knowledge and the higher mind. It helps us take responsibility for our own life to follow our path and soul purpose. It is also an excellent blood purifier, and can be used to assist in detoxifying

Wear Indigo: Wear indigo to encourage intuition and insight.

Decorate with Indigo: Indigo helps us open up to our intuition and acts as a sedative. Suitable for more ‘quiet’ places. It works well in bedrooms or treatment rooms. Some people find indigo is helpful for studying so using in a library or study could work well.

Read more about the color Indigo here

How do you feel about Indigo? Is Indigo Your Color?


Some Indigo/Third Eye Chakra pages from my Art Journal



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