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Although pink is not one of the main chakra, it is the secondary color of the heart chakra and this is a gorgeous color paired with green with many healing properties.

How do you feel when you see or wear pink?

Think about what pink means to you. Do you have pink in your wardrobe or in your house?

Is Pink Your Color?

Color Psychology: If pink is your favorite color, here are some traits that you may recognize:

  • You are loving, kind and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.
  • You are in touch with your femininity (you too men!)
  • You are optimistic and have a positive outlook on life, seeing the good in everyone.
  • You have a youthful appearance, even into old age, looking younger than you really are.

Positive (when your chakra is balanced): Unconditional love, compassion and understanding, nurturing, warmth, hope, calming, feminine and intuitive energy.

Negative(when your chakra is out of balance): Over-emotional and over-cautious, having emotional neediness or unrealistic expectations, being naive, immature and girlish, lack of will power and lack of self worth.

Chakra Energy: Pink is the secondary color of the Heart chakra, associated to the element ‘air’.  “I love” is the vibration of this chakra. You can read a little more about chakras here and we dive more deeply into color and its association with our chakra system in my online class “Chakra Color Art Journal

Color Therapy: Pink can bring you in touch with your feelings, and can help heal grief and sadness.

Wear Pink: Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart. Whether you are male or female, you will appear approachable and capable of loving others. I love pink! :-)

Decorate with Pink: As pink has energetic red in it, if you decorate with a hot pink or deep rose pink, you will be getting some of that vibrancy shine through (and maybe passion too!). Pink is also a muscle relaxant and relaxes out emotions too.

Read more about the color pink here

How do you feel about Pink? Is Pink Your Color?


Some pink pages from my Art Journal


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