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Hello and a big colorful welcome to ‘Create your Color Story’. I am so excited this new website is live! There is always something so delicious about starting afresh, so over the coming months, more and more content will be added here and shared on Facebook and through our Year of Color initiative to help us all explore the power of color in our lives. Below is some information to get started with. Thanks so much for visiting.

About Color

Imagine for one moment what our world would be like without all the wonderful colors in it.

colorwheelalllayersColor is essential to our life. The colors you are drawn to and love are ‘stories’ of who you are. Using these colors in your day to day is the ultimate form of self-expression, through your wardrobe, home, food and creative life. Color is also a tool that can be used to heal ailments and essentially change your life and I will be adding information about color therapy here also.

To get started with understanding color, take a look at the ‘About Color‘ section of the site {more articles being added as we grow the blog} and sign up to our mailing list here (and the ‘Year of Color’ prompts) to receive the free Rainbow Meditation Mp3 and journal pages. This will help you get started with how you feel about color.


About Louise and the ‘Create Your Color Story’ Website

LouiseHi there! I am passionate about color and my mission is to help others understand the healing power of color energy and to invite more color into our lives everyday. I am an artist, trained as an energy life coach and am currently completing my qualification in Color Therapy. I see such a connection between the natural world, color and energy. We are all part of this bigger picture.

My journey with color started in early childhood when I asked my mum to make a green mint chocolate cake for my birthday and painting my bedroom walls orange as a teenager! About 5 years ago, I was scared to use red in my artwork. This prompted me to find out why and this started me back on the color journey where I continue.

I decided to build this separate space from my personal art journal at louisegale.com to focus purely on the color energy that appears in every aspect of our lives including the home, clothes, food and lots more (not just artwork).  It is truly a power that is often under estimated.

At the very least, I hope to inspire you to explore color in your own life through projects such as “A year of Color” which is a free email series throughout 2015 to invite more color into your life. If you would like to dive deeper, I also offer an online class called “Creative Color Energy Journal Workshop” which includes Color Meditations, Creative exercises and other journaling methods to work through color more deeply. Other color classes are coming throughout 2015.

What is a Color Story?

colorstory500The term ‘Color Story’ is primarily used in the fashion and design industry to group various colors together to create a mood, collection or story. The “Create Your Color Story” website is all about the colors you have in YOUR life, how they make you feel and using color to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

When I visited Printsource in NYC in 2011, I was inspired by a Color Story presentation about using colors in fashion I saw there and this started my journey with launching my first ‘Color Story’ class in the summer of 2011 which became the ‘Chakra Color Art Journal‘ online class which I run today. I also write the ‘Color Stories’ articles for Moyo Magazine, the worlds first online magazine all about surface pattern design and have been published in various books.



Are you ready to Create Your Own Color Story?

colorwheelfbbuttonHere are a few ways you can get started today. More resources and articles are being added to the site every week, so I look forward to sharing as much as I can and hearing your feedback and color stories!

STEP ONE: Pop over to the “About Color, Meanings and Psychology” category to browse a few articles about color. There are also a couple of articles in other categories, so feel free to explore the areas you are particularly interested in from the menu above or homepage.

STEP TWO: Sign up to the ‘Year of Color’ email series. I will send you an email every Monday with color inspiration, journal prompts and some will have exploratory exercises and excursions! This FREE series is to inspire you to invite more color into your life. Please note: this will be new for 2017. I am currently compiling the prompts from 2015 into a free offering.

STEP THREE: Subscribe to all blog posts here {this is separate from the mailing list} to receive all color articles straight to your email as they are published on the blog.

STEP FOUR: Join the colorful conversations over on our Facebook page. I will share additional resources from my own explorations around the web and color experts I follow.

STEP FIVE: {COMING SOON} Read the steps to creating your color story post here. This is a great way to start thinking about color in your own life, what it means to you and the life you would like to create with color.

STEP FIVE: When you feel ready, dive deeper with one of my Color Meditation Journal kits {AVAILABLE in 2017} or sign up for one of my on-line classes where I take you through different ways to explore color, energy and lots more!





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